Here are 200+ best Diwali wishes, also known as Deepavali wishes

Best Diwali wishes, also known as Deepavali wishes: Diwali is a festival that takes place between October and November every year. To symbolize the victory of virtue over evil and the triumph of light over darkness, clay lamps known as Diyas are lit during the celebration. Diwali is also the time when people open their windows and doors to welcome Goddess Lakshmi into their homes.

After Dussehra, Deepavali is celebrated 20 days later. Diwali preparations and rituals generally take place over five days, but the primary festival night occurs on the darkest, new moon night of the Hindu lunar month Kartik. October and November are the months when Diwali occurs in the Gregorian calendar. According to the Hindu lunar calendar, the exact dates vary


Therefore, fireworks, candles, and lanterns are also part of the Diwali celebration. The festival is also celebrated by creating intricate patterns called rangolis from colored powder, rice, and flowers. Similar to New Year’s Day, it is also a time for fresh starts.

With our unique collection, you can share the best Diwali Wishes, Diwali gifts, and hampers with your loved ones. Here are 200+ best Diwali wishes, also known as Deepavali wishes.

Diwali Wishes – Deepavali Wishes

  • Wishing you a Diwali that’s as sweet as the treats you’ll eat to celebrate it.
  • Have a joyful Diwali!
  • Wishing you happiness this Diwali.
  • May your Diwali be full of fun and light.
  • Hoping all your wishes come true this Diwali.
  • Wishing that Deepavali’s light brightens your day this Diwali.
  • Hoping Diwali brings warmth and peace into your life.
  • Wishing you an abundance of love and riches this Diwali.
  • May Diwali burn out your problems and brighten your life.
  • May all of your wishes come true this Diwali.
  • May Deepavali’s light brighten your days this Diwali.
  • Wishing you a fortuitous year ahead this Diwali.
  • Wishing you warmth and love this Diwali.
  • May your Diwali be peaceful and prosperous.
  • May your Diwali be full of fun and good fortune.
  • May your Diwali be filled with laughter.
  • May Diwali bring enough light to banish all the darkness from your life.
  • Hoping Diwali brings wealth, health, and happiness to you.
  • Wishing you and your family a beautiful Diwali.
  • Wishing you a safe and peaceful Diwali celebration
  • May your year be as colorful and joyful as the Diwali colors.
  • Hoping your Diwali is divine.
  • May you have a blessed Diwali!
  • Wishing you a year as bright as the Diwali fireworks.
  • May this Diwali mark the start of a happy and prosperous year for you.
  • Wishing you a glowing Diwali!
  • Wishing you a warm, cozy, and bright Diwali.
  • Hoping Diwali ushers in a joyful and sweet year for your entire family!
  • This Diwali, let’s cheer to the new year.
  • Wishing you a beautiful Diwali.
  • Hope this Diwali is the start of a year where all your dreams come true.
  • May this Diwali be the start of a fortuitous year.
  • May the lights of Diwali burn away your problems.

Diwali Wishes 2022

  • May you overcome your life difficulties with the help and guidance of ‘Goddess Lakshmi’, and may the spirit of Diwali illuminate your life. Have a Blessed and Happy Diwali 2022..!!!
  • Delightful Laddoos, Incandescent Diyas, a Whole lot of Smiles and Laughter, A big stock of Masti, Lots of Mithai, Innumerable Fireworks, Wishing you Fun, Frolic and Endless Celebration!! HAPPY DIWALI 2022….!!!
  • The lights of Diwali are bringers of good health, long life and good luck. May you celebrate this occasion and attain all these good things. Happy Diwali 2022…!
  • The lights glowing on Diwali inspire us 2 shine in our true spirit! May dis glittering festival make u shine all d way! Wish you a great Diwali!
  • Rejoice on this blessed occasion, By spreading joy with your friends and loved ones. Happy Diwali!
  • May Maa Lakshmi shower you with her choicest blessings, and may you get rid of all your sorrows and agony this Diwali.
  • May the lights of Deepavali illuminate your life, and may you be blessed with Goddess Lakshmi’s choicest blessings.
  • A very Happy Diwali and a prosperous New Year to you and your loved ones.
  • Is Diwali, Maa Lakshmi ki kripa aap par aur aapke poore parivar par bani rahe. Aur aapke jeevan mein sada anand aur ullas ka vaas ho. Dheron shubh kamnayein.
  • Celebrate this festival of victory with happiness, sweets, and lights. May this auspicious festival bring you peace and prosperity in life. Have a happy and great Diwali 2022!
  • Let the sounds of fireworks make this night sleepless for our neighbors. Let’s light up the world and let our parents worry about the electricity bill!
  • I wish you a wonderful Diwali this year. Be prepared to empty your pocket because the children gang is coming to ask for money for fireworks.
  • A thousand candles may light up your world this night, but they won’t light up your stupid self. The sooner you realize this truth, the better. Happy Diwali 2022!
  • On this beautiful occasion of Diwali, I wish for new opportunities, new hopes, and new kinds of happiness for you. I love you so much. Happy Diwali 2022.
  • Wishing a happy Diwali for every member of my wonderful family. May God keep us bonded together under one roof forever. May she keep us all happy!

Short Diwali Wishes

  • This holy festival of Diwali, brings immense happiness in life, Lakshmi ji sits at your door, accept our best wishes !!” Happy Diwali॥
  • Darkness has gone with the night, new morning has come with Diwali, open your eyes a message has arrived, with very happy Diwali.
  • Let’s hold hands and play again, let’s roam around in our streets, forget the old grudges, let’s celebrate Diwali together.
  • Let the lights shine, we will always be in your memory, as long as life is our wish, let your life shine like lights. Happy Diwali.
  • Wish you a fun Diwali full of colors and waves of laughter.
  • Sending you love and light on this festive season! Happy Diwali.
  • Wishing you a wonderful, colorful, memorable, and happy Diwali! Have fun!
  • Diwali is the occasion of joy, peace, and celebration. Enjoy it with your loved ones.
  • May this Diwali bring lots of love and fireworks into your life! Happy Diwali!
  • Hope all the darkness of your life gets castaway on this Diwali. Have a safe and mighty Diwali!
  • Happy Deepavali! Wishing the light of the lamp brightens up your life and guides you, always.
  • May the lamps light up your house and heart and bless you throughout the year. Tons of love
  • May the lights of Diwali spark up your world. Happy Diwali.
  • Have a blessed and joyous Diwali filled with lights and love.
  • The first lamp of Diwali lights the door, rays of happiness come to the house, and may all your wishes come true, Happy Diwali from us!
  • A new year again, a new hope again, a new direction to your work, a new dream, a new horizon, with my best wishes for Diwali!
  • The fragrance of love spread, and the festival of joy came. Our request to the Lord, bless you with happiness and prosperity. Happy Diwali!
  • Let’s remove the inner darkness and put a happy wick in the oil of goodwill and light the love and light and celebrate this festival together with sweet and spicy… Happy Diwali!!
  • Happy Diwali Wishes for peace and happiness in your life just as darkness disappears in the light of a lamp!!
  • Let the worries and troubles explode!! Let happiness bloom in your life like a budding lotus. Happy Diwali!!
  • Happy Diwali to all who remove the darkness of our lives together with sound and light!!
  • Let’s celebrate the festival in the truest sense by spreading happiness and lighting up the lives of others. Happy Diwali!!
  • Diwali is the season of happiness, light, and of goddess Lakshmi, may this Diwali bring a lot of happiness in your life, May the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi be in a house lit up with lights.
  • If you are always smiling then every day is Diwali, may your pocket never be empty, no matter how hard it may be, stay in the life of friends and always be happy, only then will my real Diwali be. Happy Diwali.
  • This Diwali, avoid unnecessary expenses, just make savings, and make the future real, this should be the resolution of every Diwali.
  • On the occasion of auspicious Diwali, everyone gathers together and forgets old grudges, may happiness and peace be in everyone’s world, and may happiness be showered in every home.

Diwali Wishes Quotes


“May you have the brightest and the happiest Diwali of your life…. May you find new hopes, new energies to have a new year ahead… Happy Diwali.”

“Diwali is the time to celebrate, time to spend with family and friends…. I wish you the best of Diwali wishes and lots of happiness.”

“Warm wishes on Diwali to you. May this festival of lights brighten each and every day of your life with happiness and success.”

“On the occasion of Diwali, I wish you happiness and glory, prosperity and blessings. May you have a fantastic Diwali with your loved ones.”

“Wishing a blessed and beautiful Diwali to you. Enjoy this season of festivities with your family and friends to make it a memorable one.”

“Let us make it a Happy Diwali for everyone around us by spreading joys and smiles, happiness and peace. Wishing everyone a very Happy Diwali.”

Maa Lakshmi ki kripa ho, Dhan aur samruddhi ki varsha ho, accha swasth ho, Meri or se Diwali ki dheron shubh kamnayein

Jagmagata rahe aapka jeevan, Jhilmilata rahe aapka ghar, Bani rahe aapke adharon par meethi muskaan, Aur manate rahein aap Diwali har saal

Aapke jeevan mein dhan ki varsha ho, Sukh evam samruddhi ka vaas ho, Swasth swaasth, harsh aur ullas ho, Aur Maa Lakshmi Ka Aashirwad ho

May the lamps of Diwali illuminate your life, may the colours of rangoli usher in happiness, may the delicious Diwali desserts add sweetness to your life, and may Goddess Lakshmi shower you with all that you have wished for.

“Diwali is the time to celebrate the life God has blessed us with and spread happiness around us. Warm wishes on Diwali to everyone.”

Wishing a very Happy Diwali to you. May the incredible charm of Diwali stay with you forever and keep showering you with happiness and smiles.”

“On the occasion of Diwali, I wish you a celebration that you are going to remember forever and ever. Warm wishes on Diwali to you my dear.”

“May the celebrations of Diwali bring along eternal happiness, joy, smile, success and peace for you and your loved ones. A very Happy Diwali to you.”

“Happy Diwali my dear. May this festival infuse you with positivity and bless you with success. Wishing you good and happy times with your loved ones.”

Diwali Wishes Greetings


From Diwali today to Bhaubij,
Celebrating joyful, energetic,
Happy holidays to you and yours
Best wishes to the family!

Diwali has come, God is bright..
Watch out for these great-grandchildren in the dark..
Let the message of love take root in your heart..
May happiness increase day by day..
Happy Diwali!

The light of the lamps is golden,
The sweet smell of Malone.
Resolve to live beautifully,
Gathuni muhurta of Diwali festival..
Happy Diwali!

New dreams, new horizons, may this Diwali bring you,
For the goal-sacrificing efforts, Divyasha’s blessings
May this Diwali bring golden moments in your life

Ganesha Puja, Lakshmi Puja, Deep Puja on Diwali,
May joy, enthusiasm, joy arise,
Let’s salute that Mangalya today.
Happy Diwali!

Diwali that illuminates the form of life with its bright light,
Being truly extraordinary,
May this Diwali bring you happiness, contentment,
And with lamps of glory,
Life should be exciting…
Happy Diwali!

The first lamp of Diwali lights the door,
Rays of happiness come home,
May all your wishes come true,
Happy Diwali from us!

The Sweet Smell Of Flowers
The Array Of Colors
Diwali Is Here
Firecrackers Are Heard
Candles Are Lit
Children Play
Presents Are Given
We Pray To The Gods
Diwali Is Here.

On This Auspicious
Festival Of Lights
May The Glow Of Joys
Prosperity And Happiness
Alluminate Your Days
In The Year Ahead
Happy Diwali.

It Is Time To Feel Good,
Time 4 Reunion,
Time 2 Share Happiness,
Time To Feel Being Loved,
Time 2 Show Ur Love,
Time 2 Live For Others And
Time To Wish For Peace.

May The Beauty Of Deepavali Season
Fill Your Home With Happiness,
And May The Coming Year
Provide You With All
That Bring You Joy!

With Gleam Of Diyas
And The Echo Of The Chants
May Happiness And Contentment Fill Your Life
Wishing You A Very Happy And Prosperous Diwali!!

May Millions Of Lamps Illuminate Your Life
With Endless Joy,Prosperity,Health & Wealth Forever
Wishing You And Your Family A Very
“Happy Diwali”

It’s The Occasion To Throng The Temples,
Pray To The Gods And Give Them Offerings,
It’s An Opportunity To Entreat The Deities,
To Bless Us All And Rid Us Of Sufferings.

On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, I wish that you are blessed with the choicest blessings of Maa Laxmi that bring you prosperity and success. Happy Diwali!!!”

“May the bright and sparkling festival of Diwali be full of enthusiasm and surprises for you. Wishing you a blessed Diwali with your loved ones.”

“May you enjoy the festive season of Diwali with your family and friends and welcome Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi into your life. Happy Diwali.”

Diwali wishes WhatsApp status

Diwali Wishes Instagram story

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Diwali Instagram Captions (Diwali Wishes Instagram Captions)

  • Happy Diwali to you all! May this delightful occasion bring health and wealth and make all your wishes come true.
  • Happy Diwali! Sending you my blessings for a prosperous and memorable Diwali this year!
  • If you don’t struggle with sari drapes, baby, you don’t feel my pain.
  • Obligatory Diwali ’fit pic.
  • Thought I’d add a little color to ya feed.
  • I don’t feel sari for looking this good.
  • “Diwali is awesome. And there’s food and there’s gonna be dancing, and, oh, I got the raddest outfit.” —Kelly Kapoor
  • Is it hot in here or is it me? (JK, it’s most likely the diyas.)
  • Don’t mind me!! ✨
  • So fresh and so clean…
  • It’s okay to stop and stare!
  • Life’s not perfect, but this sari is.
  • Dear friends, celebrate this meaningful occasion by spreading love and laughter! #HappyDiwali
  • In this festival of joy and celebration, I wish you good health, wealth, and progress in life.
  1. Keep calm, have fun, It’s Diwali.
  2. May the colors of rangoli usher in happiness.
  3. A balanced diet is a ladoo in each hand. #Happy Diwali.
  4. May this joyful spirit of Diwali enter your home and fill it with happy moments.
  5. The Festival of Lights is on its way.
  6. May Goddess Lakshmi shower you with all that you have wished for.
  7. What I truly enjoy about the festive season is all the fragrance and glowing lights.
  8. Diyas, lightening the world.
  9. May the lamps of Diwali illuminate your life.
  10. Light a lamp of love, shoot a rocket of prosperity, and fire a flowerpot of happiness, wish you a very happy sparkling Diwali.
  11. Let’s make it a festival of giving back to the society that has given us everything.
  12. It’s the season to sparkle.
  13. Turn your Diwali into the sassiest time of the year with a bunch of sweets.
  14. Let’s fill our home with light and prayers.
  15. May the delicious Diwali desserts add sweetness to your life.
  16. Light, camera, action, Happy Diwali!
  17. Rangoli and lights both go hand in hand in Diwali.
  18. It was all about getting in the festive feels in the style.
  19. With the gleam of Diyas and the echo of chants, may happiness and contentment fill our life.
  20. Wishing for the light of Diwali to touch every household and bring prosperity! Happy Diwali 2022!
  21. Sending you all my warmth of love, sweetheart. Wish you a happy and prosperous Diwali, sweetheart.
  22. The warm glow of the candles is as alluring as your presence in my life. My love, Happy Diwali!
  23. Diwali is incomplete without sweet delicacies, abundant fun, and quality time with loved ones! Happy Diwali!

Diwali wishes family and friends

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  • The light of sparkling diyas bring in your life new hope and new energy for a prosperous and happy life…. Best wishes on Diwali to you my friend.
  • May the sparkles of lights and sounds of crackers fill your life with moments of happiness…. May you have the most wonderful Diwali with your family…. Happy Diwali to you!!!
  • May your home and heart is filled with warmth and happiness…. May Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi shower their blessings on you every day…. Warm wishes on Diwali to you.
  • Happy Diwali to my friends! Let us find joy and bliss under the sparks of thousand fireworks!
  • Happy Diwali, dear friend. Have a joyous, prosperous, and memorable Diwali with your family and loved ones!
  • May the upcoming year help you fulfill your dreams and provide you with all that brings you joy. Enjoy the festival, and make wonderful memories. Happy Diwali bestie.
  • May this Diwali add new colors to your life and bring lights into your life. I am always here for you, my friend. Happy Diwali.
  • Happy Diwali, my friends! May this year’s Diwali kick start good fortune, fresh opportunities, and awaited victories for all of you!
  • I hope this Diwali vanishes all your worries and makes you happier than ever. Dear friend, thanks for being the light of my life and guiding me always. Happy Diwali, I love you so much.
  • For my dear friend, wishing you and your family a happy Diwali. I send gifts for all of you to celebrate the spirit of the festival and hope you will love them.
  • To my friend, wishing you a happy Diwali. I hope this Diwali be an awesome celebration for you and you be blessed with wealth and success always.
  • On the occasion of Diwali, I pray that our friendship is blessed with better understanding and lots of love…. I wish that the divine light of millions of diyas on this festive night bless you with happiness, glory and health my friend. Sending you best wishes on Diwali my dear!!

Diwali gift hampers, for giving Diwali wishes gift

Here are 200+ best Diwali wishes, also known as Deepavali wishesHere are 200+ best Diwali wishes, also known as Deepavali wishes
Here are 200+ best Diwali wishes, also known as Deepavali wishesHere are 200+ best Diwali wishes, also known as Deepavali wishes
Here are 200+ best Diwali wishes, also known as Deepavali wishesHere are 200+ best Diwali wishes, also known as Deepavali wishes

Diwali gift hampers for family and friends, for giving Diwali wishes gift

Here are 200+ best Diwali wishes, also known as Deepavali wishesHere are 200+ best Diwali wishes, also known as Deepavali wishes
Here are 200+ best Diwali wishes, also known as Deepavali wishesHere are 200+ best Diwali wishes, also known as Deepavali wishes
Here are 200+ best Diwali wishes, also known as Deepavali wishesHere are 200+ best Diwali wishes, also known as Deepavali wishes

Diwali gift hampers basket for family, for giving Diwali wishes gift

Here are 200+ best Diwali wishes, also known as Deepavali wishesHere are 200+ best Diwali wishes, also known as Deepavali wishes
Here are 200+ best Diwali wishes, also known as Deepavali wishesHere are 200+ best Diwali wishes, also known as Deepavali wishes
Here are 200+ best Diwali wishes, also known as Deepavali wishesHere are 200+ best Diwali wishes, also known as Deepavali wishes

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Diwali Wishes For Teacher
  • Dear Teacher,You’re the brightest light of my life and I wish you a very Happy Diwali….May you and your family are blessed with cheerful, beautiful moments…
  • Wishing you a warm and bright festival of lights…May the lights of Diwali add everlasting brightness to your own life.
    Happy Diwali!
  • May this Diwali be the best Diwali of your life…Happy Diwali Dear sir/madam!
  • I wish that millions of lamps of Diwali brighten your life with good fortune, happiness, health and success.
    Happy Diwali!
  • Happy Diwali dear teacher,May you always inspire and guide people around you to achieve success and happy spirits.

Diwali Wishes For Colleague
  • Dear Sir, I wish a happy and prosperous Diwali to you and your family…Thank you for pushing me to do great things which I thought I cannot do.
  • Dearest boss, Wishing you a very happy Diwali. I wish you luck courage and strength to continue your successful journey of life.
  • Happy Diwali wishes for you and your family. I pray to Lord Ganesha to fill your life with happiness and success.
  • Wishing you and your family a very Happy Diwali.May you are blessed with beautiful moments of celebration and laughter with your loved ones.
  • Dear Sir,On this divine occasion of Diwali,I wish you and your family a happy Diwali. I pray this Diwali be the best for you and you enjoy a lot with display of fireworks to spread light in your home.
  • On the occasion of Deepavali, May your home be filled with laughter, love and harmony this festival of light.
  • I pray to God that the sparkles of lamps illuminate your life with happiness, prosperity, good health, wealth and fortune.

Diwali Wishes for Her
  • Sweetheart, may this Deepavali be good to you and bless you with grace, joy, and strength to deal with every evil thought in the upcoming year. I love you so much, thanks for everything!
  • Wishing you a splendid and safe celebration of Diwali! Rejoice the day with sweets and smiles!
  • May this festival bring happiness
    and lots of love in your life.
    Happy Diwali My Love!
  • Because of you my Diwali is more beautiful,
    Thank you for the love and the joy you’ve bring.
    Happy Diwali Sweetheart !
  • Your sparkling presence.
    Added a glow to my Diwali. Making each moment special.
    Happy Diwali Dear!

Diwali Wishes for Him
  • I hope God blesses you with bright sparkles of fireworks and confetti of love, dear. May this festive add new colors to your life and make sure to bless you in every possible way. Happy Diwali!
  • Happy Diwali! I hope this celebration blooms new hopes inside you and guides you towards a fresh start!
  • Wishing laughter and joy, fun, and beautiful memories on this festival of colors and celebration. I hope you will smile a lot brighter in the upcoming year. Happy Diwali, love of my life!

Diwali Wishes for Friend
  1. May the lights brighten your life and Rangoli adds colorful moments to it this Diwali. Have a blessed one!
  2. May this Diwali usher in a better tomorrow–Happy Diwali 2021!
  3. My love, you light my life every day–Happy Diwali!
  4. Celebrate the festival of lights with love, respect, and humor – Happy Diwali 2021!
  5. May your presence add to festivities across the homes of family and friends. Shubh Diwali!
  6. Let’s hope that Diwali brings you good luck and fulfills all your dreams! Happy Diwali!
  7. You are so far, fresh Mithai can’t reach you but fresh wishes can. Happy Diwali 2021.
  8. Hope you have a memorable Diwali and let the celebrations bring in joys that never end, Shubh Diwali!
  9. Let me make your Diwali more colorful with the lights of the wishes of my heart.
  10. May this Diwali bring in good health to you and your family – Happy Diwali!

Diwali Wishes For Love
  • Happy Diwali my love! I wish that you are always surrounded by love and happiness just like today!
  • I hope this Diwali be full of fun and good memories for you. May this divine occasion sweeten your life just like you have sweetened my life with your beautiful presence.
  • Have a wonderful and memorable Diwali, my love! Wishing you a very Happy Diwali full of love and belongingness!

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